Preparation for Prac

Only days away from another practical experience. Every class has been different and this in no exception. The class is made up of several different year two, six and sevens, all attending at different times throughout the day. It means there is a large variety of needs and considerations for the teacher. I will be teaching a lesson a day from the first day with the year two class for basic literacy and numeracy. I was very please to see that although at first the teacher told me they did not have many ICT’s for me to use, they have dozens of iPads as well asĀ an IWB. I have already formulated my first lesson with the Apps I have been road testing. Sand Draw is one I will start with just to break the ice and to let them show me what they can do.

It seems as though it will take me a while to catch up now that prac is so close. I have been wanting to find out more about digital citizenship but will have to put that on my to do list. A favourite blogger Corinne outlines the various aspects of it well in her blog and it seems to be a hot topic so I should not leave it too long.

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