Interact with the White Board in the Right Way

It seems to me that the Interactive White Board may be one of the major technologies we can hope for in the classroom but they could be the gateway to everything we need, with a little help from peripheral devices like digital cameras. I am focusing my efforts in finding out as much as I can about the possibilities as I used one quite extensively on my prac. The students viewed a few clips and manipulated┬ásome interactive applications like looking at the human body. We also marked an assessment piece where students had to identify all the nouns, verbs and pronouns in the lyrics of the theme song for ‘home and away’ and students highlighted each one to correct their own work. I conducted a quiz that I had compiled as a formative assessment of several of the concepts we were learning at the time and threw in a couple of fun questions such as the teachers favourite food a) Sardine flavoured ice-cream, b) Chocolate, C) More chocolate. I do love them when they work (be prepared for the drop outs). Now thanks to Cheyenne, I now have some more, highly interesting research about the effectiveness of teaching with IWB, (Marzano, 2009). It stands to reason that just because you use technology doesn’t mean that you use it well.

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