Planning for Prac

With a little over a week to go until our Prac starts, I am preparing myself for what I want out of my 15 days experience. Although this prac is for EDC3100, I am hoping to get so much more regarding the other subjects I am doing and some great ideas for future ones too. I have been using my husbands iPad as I don’t have one or an iPhone. However, when I read mrsparry’s blog post about a number of useful tools including Three Ring App, I have decided I have to upgrade my own technology hardware if I expect to make the most of the experience. This app lets you photograph, record voice and sound,¬†and organise information such as students work that may have been done without the use of technology. She also suggests that it would be useful for students with learning difficulties, it is that aspect of it that excites me as that is of particular interest to me. Hopefully things like this can change the problems teachers have had in the past of knowing that a student¬†understands the content but cannot get it down on paper.